The Bedford Enthusiasts Club


"The New club for Owners and Enthusiasts of Bedford's..... and other historic commercial vehicles with GM/Bedford company connections"




The Bedford Enthusiast Club are very grateful to the various benefactors who have made financial donations allowing the club to be set up and we would like to  thank them here This list is in no particular order


Mr Jeffrey, Mr Moore, Mr Leeson(Scott lee transport), Mr Newsome (Newsome Transport) Mr Bexley.


Houseman International Transport, Mrs Thomas, Mr Beckett, Mr Davis, Roy Mc Carthy Coaches.


Mr Harrison, Truckfix Ltd, Mr Ash, Mr Saunders, Mr Gudgeon, Mr Caddy, Mr Foster, Mr Harlow.


Mr Laidlaw, Mr Morten, Mr Summerville, Mr Lovell, Mr Berryman, Barry Harvey, Mr Ridler.


Mr Gibson, Mr Finch, Mr Milne, Mr Dodd, Mr Massey, Mr Garlick, Mr Hampson, Mr Wheeler.


Mr Watkins, Mr Humphreys, Mr Chisome, Mr Jarvis, Mr Verrechia, Mr Morrison, Mr Sharp.


Mr Sleep, Mr Muir, Mr Morton, Mr Atkinson, Mr Parson, Mr C Botfield.


Mr J. Muir, Mr R. W. Day, Mr R. A. Mobbs,Mr G. A. Jones, Mr M. Lewis.



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