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Bedford CA Deauville 1964

David Woods, member #440

The Dormobile was layed up in a Plymouth coach house sometime 1985 , I purchased it in 2006 , used it as was and then brought it back to its present day condition.

The service book has been stamped in Gibraltar and Morocco, but has only 55K on the clock today.

The Deauville was built by Martin Walter for "LUXURY TRAVEL" but I'm not so sure, when the WIFE first traveled in her, she exclaimed "HAVEN'T CARS COME ON A LONG WAY"


This is what happens when you leave a Massey Ferguson 65 Mk2 and a 1964 TK alone in a shed for the night!

Seen at the Christchurch Agricultural show, New Zealand. Photos by courtesy of Nicola Cornforth.