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Bedford models and production years


1931- First Bedford models WHG-WLG  also  WHB WLB (Bus)

1932  WS   and VYC (Van)  also  ASYC  and ASXC light vans

1933 -  WT (WHT-WLG)  3 ton chassis

1935  WTB ( Bus Chassis) also WS and VYC  updated

1938  HC Van (6/8 cwt) introduced Later became PC (10/12 cwt)

1939  K-M-O series introduced, also OB (Bus Chassis)

Also JC Van  and  Military MW series introduced

WWll saw civilian production cease of most models, to resume after WWll

WWll saw Redesigned  K-M-O series for Military use (OX - OY)

WWll also saw the four wheel drive QL introduced for Military use

(1940   Vauxhall designed the Churchill Tank)

1952 - CA Van/ Light commercial introduced, Replacing PC Van

1952 - S Type (Big Bedford ) introduced

 Later, Four Wheel drive RL version introduced,( basis of Green Goddess)

1952 - SB bus chassis. Later known as NFM (Petrol)  / NJM (Diesel)

1953 - K-M-O series production ceased.  A Type introduced.

1957 - A Type became D type

1957  C series coach chassis introduced (shortened chassis based on S type for 29 seater bodies e.g. Duple Super Vista), replaced by VAS

1957 - Forward control C-type 4, 5 and 6 ton trucks introduced in 1957. Very similar in appearance to the S-type Big Bedfords using the same cab with a new chrome surround to the grille.(Addition to listings)

1959 - TK replaced S Type also J Type replaced D Type

1960  VAS Coach Chassis Introduced  later became PJK

1962  VAL Coach Chassis introduced

1963  HA van introduced

1966 - VAM Coach Chassis introduced

1967  KM series introduced

1969 - CA replaced by  CF

1969 - RL replaced by TK cabbed M Type.

1970  YRQ Coach Chassis replaced VAM

1972  YRT Coach Chassis replaced VAL

1972  KB Pickup introduced (Badge engineered Isuzu) later became Brava

1974  TM Series introduced

1975  YRT Became YMT with 500 series engine

1975  YRQ Became YLQ with 500 series engine

1977  Chevanne light van introduced

1978  Experimental  JJL coach chassis (Only 4 produced + 1 prototype)

1980  YNT Coach Chassis introduced

1982  - TL  introduced (Some TK models continued alongside for a time)

1984 - YNV Coach Chassis introduced.(Ventura with Air Suspension)

1984  YLQ  Became YMP (as Q designation was not allowed!)

1986  Production of Bedford Trucks  ceases.

Truck business sold to  AWD Ltd  which continued TL and Military TK based trucks for a time

The remains of the Bedford assets were transferred to Marshalls of Cambridge who continued to produce Bedford Trucks for a while primarily for the ministry but a few civilian models were produced.

Bedford name lived on for a short time on the Astravan, CF Van and finally the Rascal and Midi before later being rebadged as Vauxhalls.



This list is constantly being updated as further information comes to hand.



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